On the 20th December, the Minister for Decentralisation and Planning, Greg Clark MP, announced a review of planning policy, designed to consolidate all policy statements, circulars and guidance documents into a single, simpler National Planning Policy Framework. The new Framework is intended to be user-friendly and accessible with clear policies for making robust local and neighbourhood plans and development management decisions.

As part of this review Greg Clark invited Gary Porter, Simon Marsh, Peter Andrew and John Rhodes to form an Advisory Group and provide a practitioners perspective on what the National Planning Policy Framework should contain.

The Practitioners Advisory Group have worked together to find common ground and to reach a consensus on what planning policy would be required to deliver sustainable development. They have produced a draft NPPF that aims to promote increased levels of development whilst protecting and enhancing the environment. Their submission to Government represents their independent but collective views. Their document is intended to be a useful contribution to the debate about how to reform and simplify national planning policy and the group hope it will assist the Government in its preparation of the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Practitioners Advisory Group submitted its draft framework to the Minister for Decentralisation and Planning, together with a set of recommendations on the 20th May.